Jackson Sobb


As CEO, Jackson is responsible for the overall strategic direction, growth and development of InnovationClub.
Jackson has overseen the conception, strategic and construction phases of COPAR since its establishment.
Jackson has an extensive background within executive marketing and operational roles, as well as studying Hospitality Management at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and finishing an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, Australia.

Kirthi Vishnu Ramasamy

Co-Founder, COPAR Smart Packaging

Vishnu is the mastermind behind our cutting-edge sustainable packaging solutions.

His innovation and blend of environmental consciousness with practicality advances our operations, uniting environmental responsibility with evolving market demands and cementing COPAR’s role in shaping a sustainable future.

Vishnu also leads our UK/EU and Indian operations. Vishnu Ramasamy brings an MBA in International Marketing from the University of Bedfordshire to his role, advancing COPAR’s commitment to sustainable business development.

Colin Farrell

Business Development Director

Spearheading strategy and business development, Colin’s vision ensures COPAR leads the industry, transforming global perspectives on sustainable packaging.
Colin’s expertise in marketing and behavioural decision theory is shaped by his previous work at the University of Sydney and his commitment to developing sustainable alternatives to conventional plastics laid the groundwork for our innovative packaging.

Dean Lettfuss

Project Director

Dean is responsible for large scale projects, including the Bathurst Biodegradable Production facility.
For over 25 years, Dean has provided project management, tier-1 consulting, and general management services to companies across a multitude of industries. Passionate about the environment, Dean holds an MBA, has a Degree in Economics and Finance, and is a graduate of the Chicago Booth Business School.

Fathima Sameer

Marketing Specialist

Fathima leads COPAR’s marketing, seamlessly connecting our sustainable solutions to the wider world. Drawing from 8 years of diverse experience, she crafts clear and engaging marketing strategies that highlight COPAR’s dedication to environmentally friendly packaging.

Angela Jones

Sales Manager

Angela has over 15 years of experience as a motivated and dedicated sales leader with a powerful history of success in new business development and sales leaderships.
Angela prides herself on creating long-term business relationships with clients. With her strong communication skills she is able to identify client needs and create effective solutions.

Hugh Perrottet

Operations Manager

Hugh oversees COPAR’s research and development operations and works closely with the Sales & Marketing team within COPAR.
He is the liaison for Memberships such as APCO – ANZPAC – AORA and the Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty, ensuring COPAR’s products and methods remain of the highest quality, in line with environmental standards.

John Hansen

Operations Manager

John is a seasoned Operations Manager with a background in production, logistics and machinery, honing his skills across various industries with a keen eye for efficiency and quality.
John brings a wealth of experience in collaborating on projects. His ability to see the big picture sets him apart, allowing him to forecast areas of growth and development.

Mark Prosper

Production Manager

With an extensive background spanning over 35 years within some of Sydney’s prominent processing industries, Mark has cultivated a diverse skill set, excelling in pivotal roles such as Operational/Production Management, Sales & Customer Service, OH&S Standards, and Logistics/Transport Operations.
Mark’s background as a hands-on approach tradesman places him in good stead as Production Manager.

Chris North

Frontline Labs Founder

Chris has established two charities proudly supported by Innovation Club. Chris is the co-founder of Frontline Labs (Veteran Entrepreneurship) and Learning For Good (Cultural Education Resources). Chris has a Masters in Marketing, with more than 15 years’ experience in media partnerships and campaigns, he was instrumental in the initial development of Innovation Club, and both the COPAR and NUPAL brands.

Mark Leatham

Head of Partnerships, Co-Founder Frontline Labs

Delivering a range of veteran community education and vocational training programs, Mark is a 28-year veteran of the RAAF who has served on operational deployments in the United States, Middle East, and South-East Asia. Mark is a passionate advocate for ADF veterans and their families as well as Ex-Service Organisations delivering essential services to the veteran community.

Artemiss Keyhani

Marketing and Events Coordinator

Artemiss Keyhani is a Marketing & Events Coordinator with over 30 years in various communication-related roles. Her experience ranges from graphic design and brand management to copywriting and editing, as well as administrative and organisational.

Jacqui Van de Velde

Education Partnerships Manager

Jacqui has more than 30 years experience in education, wellbeing, mental health and community engagement in both a professional and volunteer capacity. She has worked in, and continues to work across, a variety of business, education and community contexts, in Australia and internationally. Jacqui is a trainer, speaker and advocate for parent and family engagement within the workplace, wellbeing and veteran health spaces.

Simon Nardo

Digital and Content Manager, Startup Advisor

Simon has a wealth of experience in establishing and running businesses and works alongside InnovationClub and its associated companies to assist them in all facets, from ideation through to strategy and execution.
In addition, Simon is at the forefront of innovationClubs digital strategy, leveraging his digital expertise to expand on the company narrative and increase audience engagement.